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The book contains financial advice for anyone hoping to pick up funds in the stock market. The author gives advice using his own experiences and strategies.  Beating the Street gives the reader insight into the art of making investment portfolios that are not only profitable but are also reliable.

Beating the Street pdf Review:

The book is penned by the financial guru Peter Lynch. It was published in 1999 and received a 4/5 rating by the Good Reads audience. Lynch was the manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund during the heights of its success from 1977 to 1990. This 300 pages book is related to Business, Economics, and Personal Finance.

Although the examples are a bit outdated, the investment plans mentioned in the book are quite sound and with little alterations can still be applicable in today’s time. Lynch focuses on the importance of research. He says that before you invest in a particular company, you have to research many more companies. His book is an easy read for even the novice. It gives anyone from small to large investors a great deal of perspective about the whole method of self-finance.

Beating the Street Pdf

Beating the Street PDF Features:

  • Lynch talks about the basics of developing a mutual fund and how to pick up stocks. He teaches the readers how to be better than their rivals in the market.
  • The book teaches the reader how to be good at personal finance. According to the book, there is no reason why an individual investor cannot match the intellect of experts.
  • Lynch puts a step by step guide out in his book talking about the strategies of personal finance management and the task of picking stocks.
  • The book advises the reader to invest often and not give in to psychological pressures or downfalls.

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