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Business Adventures is a business classic which gives the reader insight into the events that became the defining aspect of leading companies. The author has compiled twelve classic financial tales of all times into this one book with the similarity in them being that these tales were repeated in history by different institutions at different eras in history.

Business Adventure pdf Review:

Business Adventure is a book by John Brooks who is a financial journalist and has been contributing for a long time to “The New Yorker”. The book was published in 1969. The author has published over ten books revolving around the genre of finance all of which have been widely appreciated in the field.

The world of Wall Street is all drama and tension. This drama is revealed in Brooks reporting of the twelve events of the financial world. After reading the book, the one thing any reader will learn is that history repeats itself in different ways in different places around the globe.

Business Adventures Pdf

Business Adventure PDF Features:

  • The book contains twelve classic stories of the events that influenced largest companies in the commerce field. This collection is aimed at not only informing but also on entertaining.
  • Does Brooks pose the questions that what is common amongst all the biggest losses of the huge financial institutes be it $350million Ford Motors disaster or the scandals of General Electric?
  • The writer says that these are the very events that define the particular company. These events which make the company famous or notorious are what the company is always remembered for and known for widely.
  • Brooks throws light on all of such incidents and gives critical details about them. These incidents which are mentioned in his book include the time American traders tried to save the British pound and the periods of market crashes.

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