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Common sense on Mutual funds is a self-help book for investors. According to the legendary Warren Buffet, this book is a must read for every investor. Since it’s release, the book has received much praise and is a classic guide for any new investor in the market. The book also guides the reader about reliable retirement plans based on the author’s philosophy and his experiences.

Common sense on Mutual Funds PDF Review:

Common sense on Mutual Funds is an investing and Economics related book written by John Bogle. The book is an international best seller and successfully made to the list of Consumeraffairs named “15 Business Books That Could Actually Help Make You Rich”. The book was released under the house of John C Wiley & Sons in 1999. Since then, it has sold millions of copies. The book has extensively used financial jargon and visuals. As a novice, one needs to have a business dictionary to help navigate through the book and understand everything better and more efficiently. He promotes Vanguard by saying that all other companies favor the interests of company investors more than that of the fund investors since they need to make a profit. He criticizes modern mutual funding ways.

Common sense on Mutual Funds Pdf

Common Sense on Mutual Funds pdf Features:

  • The book praises index funds and guides the readers about mutual funds
  • It is a thorough blue print for a new investor as the books deals with all aspects of investing.
  • Bogle supports index funds because of their low cost and low taxes. He also urges the readers to invest in them.
  • The author focuses on the importance of long-term strategy and utmost diligence.
  • Risk, Reward, Time and Cost are the four dimensions of Investing that the author has mentioned and highlighted in this extensive book.

Download Common sense on Mutual Funds Pdf Free:

You can download Common sense on Mutual Funds Pdf ebook free below.

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