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The book is semi-autobiography and also a self-guide for investors in the stock market. The book mainly revolves around the overview of Wall street and tells about the duties and culture of salesman and bond traders. It focuses on the work practices of everyone working on Wall Street.

Liar’s Poker pdf Review:

The book is written by Michael Lewis and it is about his experiences while working as a bonds salesman at Wall Street. This 256-page book was published in 1989 under the banner of W. W. Norton & Company. His book portrays a very important time in the history of Wall Street i.e. the late 1980s. The book has sold over 700,000 copies in the United States of America alone.

The book talks about Salomon Brother’s rise in Wall Mart through mortgage bonds. According to Lewis, there were many things wrong with the company’s way which is why he quit his job and became a financial journalist. He believes that the Salomon Brother’s rise was based on luck and not their wit. Lewis gives an overview of the 1980s from which it is clear that it was possible to become a millionaire at that time if you had your priorities straight.

Liar’s Poker Pdf

Liar’s Poker PDF Features:

  • The book is about two periods in time. One deals with the author’s autobiography while the other gives an overview of the Salomon Brothers.
  • Lewis’s life history is also discussed in the book. He studies art history from Princeton after which he was unable to land a job at any firm.
  • He later got a Masters degree in Economics and tried his luck. He was hired by Salomon Brothers. After the training session in London, he was handling thousand of dollars worth of investments for the firm.
  • He referred to the environment in the firm as “The Law of the Jungle”. In the book, he tells about how neither intelligence nor advanced financial knowledge is required at the firm. Instead, aggressive behavior and ability to shout at the top of your lungs are the criteria needed.
  • He also talks about the behavior and culture at Wall Street. The employees have a humongous lust for wealth and are quite intimidating.

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