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The book is focused on giving financial advice to investors. It explains the working of the stock market and throws light on the art of investing in the finance market. The book has information about the author’s style of investing to guide the novice in the stock market. It teaches the readers to find the right business for investment.

One up on Wall Street pdf Review:

The book is written by Peter Lynch, who is the managing director of USA’s largest and most profitable mutual fund by the name of Fidelity Magellan Fund. As the managing director, he took his fund to the heights of greatness. The book was published in 1989 and sold over a million copies. Lynch is a legend in his field and this short yet comprehensive book is a guide based on his experience and techniques. Buy the stocks when everyone else is selling. You have to take advantage of the lowered market. And be patient. Every week spend time on research about the companies. Look for companies that do not have debt since they can’t go bankrupt. Instead of investing in hot companies, invest in the simpler ones.

One up on Wall Street Pdf

One up on Wall Street PDF Features:

  • The book is based on the author’s experience which is from his time about 20 years ago.
  • The advice isn’t exactly applicable today since the market has changed a lot since then.
  • However, the book guides a newbie investor about what to face in the market and how to tackle it.
  • The book advises the readers to do their own research rather than listening to what the experts and analysts have to say.
  • It tells the reader to get all information possible about the company and find out if the stocks are worth investing in.
  • Lynch advises not to invest just because of the numbers.

Download One up on Wall Street Pdf Free:

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