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This is a self-help book and guides for those people who have a hard time managing their finances. The hook includes regulations regarding the alteration in the tax code, the basis of finding the perfect insurance and strategies for you personal finance management. It has information about all the general finance topics such as saving and investing.

Personal Finance for Dummies pdf Review:

Personal Finances for Dummies was written by Eric Tyson and published in 1996. The book is quite popular among the readers since it deals with the rules of managing personal finances in depth. It has a rating of 3.7/5 on Good Reads. It is quite a friendly and much recommended read since it is easy to navigate and does not involve many complex financial terms and jargon. Along with managing your finances, the book also guides on taxes and the rules of tax paying. Furthermore, Tyson lays the guidelines for saving for your children’s college or any further education.

Personal Finance for Dummies Pdf

Personal Finance for Dummies PDF Features:

  • The book contains information and gives sound advice on the matters of finding the best insurance, debts and saving your money for the future or any long term plans.
  • The writer’s tone is quite conversational which makes it easier for the reader to grasp and comprehend what the author is trying to convey.
  • Tyson points out the errors in our ways and teaches an average person how to avoid making these mistakes so that the money can be secured for the future.
  • The book also talks about how to manage your retirement fund and how to have control over your financial lives.
  • Tyson, in very casual tones, teaches the reader on the guidelines of buying real estate that will turn out to be assets in the future and not liabilities.

Download Personal Finance for Dummies Pdf Free:

You can download Personal Finance for Dummies Pdf ebook by Eric Tyson free below.

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