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In the book, Stocks for the long run, many financial bits of advice are given to the readers and the correct and best ways of investing are mentioned. The book focuses on teaching through reviewing the stocks markets throughout history especially in the US. Its wide approach makes it useful for even those living outside the US.

Stocks for the Long Run pdf Review:

This 380-page book was written by Jeremy Siegel and the first edition was published in 1994. Following that many revised editions were published throughout the years with the most recent one being the 5th edition which was published in 2014. The author is a professor of finance at the University of Pennsylvania and has the massive expertise and intellectual advantage in his field. In the Washington Post, this book was labeled at one the best 10 Investment books of all time.

Stocks for the Long Run Pdf

Stocks for the Long Run PDF Features:

  • Siegel firstly talks about the financial market in the US starting from the 1800s and make its comparisons with other markets. He gives investment advice by using an empirical approach.
  • Following the recession that the world has been facing for the past two centuries. Siegel thinks that the stocks have returned almost 7%. He foresees this figure declining in the future.
  • Siegel teaches the reader how to build wealth through the stock market. He focuses on the formation of a good portfolio that is not only reliable but also yields desirable profits.
  • He also talks about the stock fluctuation that one has to face in short run. He believes that analysis does not reduce the risk of falling prey to the crisis and nor does it improve the chances of getting better returns from stocks.
  • Siegel says that bonds are riskier than stocks. The after-tax return from the bonds cannot be expected to have positive results for the investor.

Download Stocks for the Long Run Pdf Free:

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