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The book focuses on the current trends in the stock market and the innovative ideas regarding investments. It is all about making money and managing the money that you have made. He says that the markets are biased towards a particular direction and that speculators can create what the market predicts.

The Alchemy of Finance pdf Review:

The Alchemy of Finance is a book written by George Soros which was published in 1998 and later revised in 2003. According to the Wall Street Journal, “”An extraordinary . . . inside look into the decision-making process of the most successful money manager of our time. Fantastic.” Soros is one of the most famous names in the financing industry even today. The book is filled with golden advice and strategies which are based on the author’s expertise.

Soros has had many notable ventures in the field of finance as he has succeeded in making billions through his strategy. Although most of the examples uses are pretty outdated, they can be twisted a bit to use efficiently in today’s time.

The Alchemy of Finance Pdf

The Alchemy of Finance PDF Features:

  • The book is a gem in the financing field as it portrays a theoretical framework for the managing of one’s money.
  • Soros uses complex terminology which makes this book not suitable for newbies. If you are new in learning the game of money making and investments, you need to have a little bit of back knowledge.
  • The book is all about managing stocks, bonds and currencies and yielding the best benefits from all of them in terms of economy and self-financed.
  • He portrays the Theory of Reflexivity which talks about the poor condition of economics. He believes that expert advice is nonsense and that no one sees the equilibrium in prices because of poor insight.

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