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The central idea of the book is about randomness and Epistemology. The ideas presented in this book gave birth to a new theory called “The Black Swan Theory”. It deals with the philosophy of science. The pages are filled with absolute wit and some unique stories which the writer has to tell the readers.

The Black Swan pdf Review:

Nassim Nicholas Talib is the author of this marvelous book. This 400 pages book has made it to the list of New York Times Bestsellers since it’s release in 2007. It is a wonderful book for everyone to read and to learn more about the whole theory and to understand the working of human mind.  Any such event in unpredictable with massive effects. But after it occurs, the human minds try to find a satisfactory explanation for it to make it appear less random and more easily predictable. The book portrays Talib’s philosophy of the human mind and the explanation it gives for the unexpected events that occur often.

The Black Swan Pdf

The Black Swan PDF Features:

  • Talib uses elements of fiction to tell the readers that the human minds are functioned to think that they know more than they do. They focus on specific things and in the process go on ignoring the general things.
  • Black Swan theory actually is about any rare or surprising events that tend to have huge effects on everyone but are often misunderstood by humans. These events are rationalized without realizing their effects.
  • Talib says that these events are of large magnitude and resulting have massive effects on the world and people. Although they are considered improbable, they still occur.
  • These events could be in any field of science and economics to politics. They include everything from the rise of many religions to fall of many building or drowning of many ships.

Download The Black Swan Pdf Free:

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