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You are A Badass at Making Money is a self-guided book to help one learn about the obstacles that are faced during the road to financial success. The book is quite easily readable and at many points, the reader can relate to the author, which is an attribute that makes this book one of the best ones in the field.

You are A Badass at Making Money pdf Review:

The book is written by Jen Sincero who is a widely loved and acclaimed author of the New York Times Bestseller “You Are A Badass”. The book was published by Viking Press in 2017. Because of its witty and humorous style, the book has sold millions of copies and has continued to serve the common man greatly.

Sincero advises the readers to not worry. Worrying holds you back from achieving your dreams and making money. Sincero teaches the reader in a funny way a through narrating her own life story. From someone who had to live on Taco Bell, she went on to become someone who enjoys luxury hotels, designer products, and a lavish lifestyle. She assures the reader that if she can do it so can they.

You are A Badass at Making Money Pdf

You are A Badass at Making Money PDF Features:

  • Firstly and most importantly, the book makes you understand that money is not a bad thing nor is wanting money. There is nothing evil or bad about rich people and wanting or loving money is totally acceptable.
  • Sincero, in this book, takes a funny approach towards guiding a common man through the process of making money that he or she really wants to me.
  • The book tells that there are several hindrances in every person’s mind and the path towards earning the amount of money they desire.
  • She teaches the reader to do your best and get over your doubt and your fears. Make efforts to learn more and work harder towards getting richer.

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